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Publicado em 07/07/2015

Luana Albino


My dog... My Best friend!
The year was 2002. His name was Beethoven, a beautiful, big, hairy São Bernardo with almost 50 kilos. Today he is in the most beautiful place of all, heaven.
It all started with a walk to a fair animals, he was there! A little dog with 45 days old only. It was love at first sight. I came back home with him in my arms. On the first week I woke up every night to see if he was hungry or afraid, but he became a member our family very fast.
He loved garden hose baths, walk on the street and play with ball. What did he like to eat? Ice cream and bananas! He could eat about 10 at a time. Then he was growing up, happy and healthy, filling me with joy every day.
He was very young, only 18 months of age when I found red spots all over his body. In a short time he was diagnosed with generalized demodectic mange. The following years his wonderful life was coming and going to the vet. His treatment consisted of daily showers, many remedies, ointments and injections weekly.
Many people told me I was crazy to spend three hours a day to treat a dog! But few people understand what it really meant to me. So it never crossed my mind to leave in the background.
Beethoven is gone... he was almost 3 years old, but left eternal marks in my heart. And what was that? I’m sure that everything possible was done. Caring for an animal is extremely rewarding and teaches us that love goes beyond any limit and species. It shows us that when we are sick and frail is when we need deserve loving care in the world.
I earned this from Beethoven. I learned to care for, to cherish, to have patience and respect limitation. I learned to care the animals is the most delicious thing . I owe him, a dog who taught me to be a better person and more human.
Time goes. The pain decreases, but remains the loving and the love increases. I cannot stop thinking about him even one day and I thank for being a present in my life. I wish that all people had an opportunity to have a dog like mine.
My friend, my son, my dog and now my precious Angel there in the sky!


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